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Date Added: December 29, 2008 02:55:23 PM
Author: Inder Kumar
Category: Blogs: Making Money
People come to you with a problem, and what is your solution, you give them your product. You create an ad, tired of your problem, and then they go to your landing page and you talk more about it and you have your auto responder series and you have a product that you are selling and it will solve their problem. So that is target marketing. Same thing if you are selling meat, you are not going to sell it to the whole world, because part of the world does not eat meat. For more detail go to: www.sell-using-the-web.com. And the other part is what kind of meat are you selling, steak, well why sell only steaks if a lot of people only like chicken and fish. Sell to somebody who is looking to buy steak that is target marketing. It is the same thing in our industry; you have to hit your target market when you work from home doing internet marketing. Now, this is a part of the reason why people fail. In this industry ninety to ninety-five percent of the people fail. Some people fail in this industry because they cannot control their mind, or they might be a little lazy, or they might have certain circumstances in their life holding them back from succeeding. And then the rest of everybody else is failing because they do not know how to market. I have a very simple internet marketing formula, very simple, this is an internet marketing online formula in the simple form. It is targeted traffic pointed towards a targeted landing page or sales page equals money or commissions. Now, everybody else in this industry comes, in this specific industry that we are in right now, comes to this industry wanting, they are basically honed in on the right side of that equation in the equals money or commissions. They see the money, they want the money. Somebody is telling them I make thirty sales this past month, or I made a hundred thousand dollars last month, or eighty thousand dollars, or I am making ten thousand dollars or whatever. And that is all they see, and that is what they want. They want to come into this industry and not learn the left side of the equation and just make money without doing anything. for more detail go to:www.the-forum-list.com.Or they try staying up hours and hours during the day or late at night after the job trying to do this thing, this marketing thing, and are just doing it wrong. Or they spend all their time on the internet when they are suppose to be doing something to market, just wasting their time by checking their email the whole time, reading emails. The whole purpose of emails is to get you to click through the subject line to the email. The whole purpose of the email inside of it is to get you to click through to the web page. The whole purpose of the web page is to either capture your name or to the sales page to convert you to the sale. So all this time spending doing that you are falling into other sales processes instead of creating your own sale process to make you money. If you search around search engines and everything else, what do you see in the search engines, information, such as people in the top ten search engines? It is the same sales process, you get there, click through, they have a sales page or a lead capture page and you fall into the lead capture page. You put your name and email in and you get more information sent to your email than you ever did before. http://www.podcasting-made-easy.com http://www.social-marketing-secret.com
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