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Date Added: August 23, 2008 11:19:42 AM
Author: Anonymous
Category: Business & Economy: Chats and Forums
ONE WORLD COMMUNITY, this is the phrase that motivated me to come up with the idea of giving a free online advertising service to all those who would like to sell, buy, publish ads, chat online or make firiends online all for free. This gave birth to WWW.SEBULE.COM . Sebule is a swahili word meaning a place where people sit down in a group and chat out about important issues or discuss about buying and selling, general merchandise also during the ancient times it was being used as a negociating place �and even for barter trade where people could exchange goods without paying a cent, e.g exchange of assets, animals, food, products etc. It is� also a place where people can sit down and have a good time, story telling, brain storming, discussing about different issues while having a cup of tea or coffee.This convinced me that www.sebule.com is the perfect representation of sebule online where it will bring brothers and sisters together from all corners of the world and can interract freely in a one world community.The idea is to make sebule online an international market place in future, right now we are covering the latin world, north america, united kingdom, india, canada, and some parts of africa.all are welcome to visit sebule.com.N.B: sebule is a swahili word. swahili is spoken in east africa as a national language, that is kenya, tanzania and uganda being the major east african countries.Thank you all for your contribution in buliding a one world community. Yes I believe together we can do it through www.sebule.com
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