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Tips for Playing Cooking Games

Date Added: January 24, 2009 07:34:29 AM
Author: Anonymous
Category: Entertainment
There are a few tips to get the most out of your time spent playing a cooking game. The games may vary greatly in their objectives and styles, but they will offer match up in a few places. They will all basically come down to staying organized and planning ahead. If you watch your actions you will be able to earn the big points and get the upgrade you want. The first tip is to pay attention for any combos that you can rack up. The best way to easily make points in these games is to try and get a good line of combos. For more help visit to: www.delicious-candy-recipes.com.Just about every game will give you a bonus for doing the same action several times in a row. If you are asked to make spaghetti for two people then you should make the two dishes at the same time. For example, you'd add the pasta to both and then add the sauce to both. This should count as two separate combos for you. The second tip actually ties up with the first. Remember that you don't have to rush too much for your customers. It is better to take multiple orders at once and benefit from the various combo bonuses that can be won. One or two might drop a little in happiness but a near perfect meal will usually boost their satisfaction back up to the top tier. Remember, you rarely gain anything for the people being happy the whole time. You gain the points for the people being happy when they leave. It's okay to let them get a little angry as long as you plan to make it up to them. The third tip is that you take the time to learn the orders. Specific orders will usually follow a predictable path. In fact, most customers have one or two favorite orders. By making little mental notes about these things you'll be able to better prepare yourself for coming problems. Like I said at the beginning, preparations and organization will make or break your success in a cooking game. Finally, you have to try and not panic over your mistakes. Just about everyone is going to mess up on a level in a cooking game. You may mess up an order or overcook something. The only things you can do are start over and fix it. You may not get an expert score for the level but that's not the end of the world. Just try to manage your mistakes and move on. Getting yourself worked up over one failure will only lead to more problems in the long run. This goes for the solution to your problem as well. If you mess up a meal then you can't break your whole routine to fix it. For more help visit to: www.cajuns-recipes.com. Just act like it's a new order and add it to the next batch. If you drop everything to precook the order you'll probably burn everything else too. Cooking games shouldn't be terribly complex if you are just going for the basic success, but you will need to follow these basic ideas if you really want to succeed and get all the upgrades you can. This should make your gaming a bit more enjoyable. http://www.blueribbon-recipes.com http://www.404self-improvement-tips.com
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