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Do You Know Which is Right for You Membership Subscriptions?

Date Added: February 27, 2009 11:37:17 AM
Author: Ajeet Singh
Category: Education: News and Media
This model will usually generate less subscription income overall than the previous models, but again you will have the capital sooner to invest in your site. You will have guaranteed members for a year, but you will need to remind them to visit the site regularly with targeted marketing and newsletters.     One-off subscription The one-off subscription model, also known as lifetime membership, is ideal for membership sites that are designed to gain more revenue from building large databases, for more details visit to www.member-site-manager.com selling products, affiliate programs, and advertising, than from just membership subscriptions. Although you will need to update your site regularly to retain your members’ interest, and keep them buying from you, there is less pressure to provide fresh content to hold onto regular subscriptions. When you are deciding on a price for your one-off subscription, you will want to determine your lifetime membership value. Here are a few ideas to consider. Offer a free or reduced fee trial period. You could invite your members to join your site for a trial period of between a week and a month, to get them involved in the site. www.member-site-manager.com www.awesome-membership-riches.com  Some of the membership site software packages available enable you to upgrade your members to fully paid membership automatically when the trial period is over.  Most membership sites that offer this trial period take the credit card details of their members up front, and then charge for the continued membership automatically, unless the member cancels.  Have different access levels. Have various categories of member who have access to different content and parts of the site, depending on which subscription level they choose. Tantalize your members with limited access with the premium content they could find in the more expensive member areas.  Many membership software packages allow up to five subscription levels, including one free level.  Change your subscription model. You could offer your members monthly subscriptions when they initially join your site. After three months you could ask them if they would like to change to a quarterly subscription for a slightly reduced rate. You could even offer to take the amount that they would have saved if they had taken quarterly subscription from the start, for more details visit to www.secure-member-area.com away from their next quarter’s subscription.  While this does mean that the subscription revenue you get from that customer decreases, it also means you keep that customer for a longer period, during which you can sell them other products. You also have more capital up front to spend on advertising and optimizing your site, so your revenue will increase in other ways. Advanced Marketing Ideas Estimate the value of your site for 1 year - let's just say for example being a member of your site for one year and having access to all the content, products and services you offer is worth $1,000.00. Take that amount and divide it by 12. That's about $83/month right?
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