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How to Make Money Online from Craigslist

Date Added: April 06, 2009 01:37:20 PM
Author: corwinclive
Category: Blogs: Making Money
The Craigslist phenomenon has swept the nation, giving people all around the US the means to buy and sell items without paying the listing fees for sites like eBay or Amazon.com.� In fact, you can use Craigslist to make money in many different ways. Can you learn how to make money online from Craigslist?� The answer is "yes."� How does Craigslist help you make money?� What can you do to get money through this online avenue?1) Sell Your Junk to Make Money:No matter what junk you have cluttering up your home, chances are, someone out there wants it and will pay for it.� You can use the free classified service to list almost anything, from old washers and dryers to clothing, pots and pans and collectibles.� Not only can you make money by selling your old, unwanted items on Craigslist, but also you can clean out your home and storage buildings, gaining some much-needed space and more living areas.2) Sell Your Services to Make Money:Are you a virtual assistant?� Do you offer business services?� Can you write excellent advertising copy? Do you have experience as a graphic designer?� No matter what type of skill you might have, you can make money with them online.� Craigslist does an excellent job of putting together those who need skills and those who have the skills, resulting in a beneficial arrangement for both people.� You can get money for your services, no matter what type of services you might offer.3) Wholesaling can Make you Big Money:Do you have a membership with a wholesaler that you've used on eBay or through Amazon?� If so, you can make money through Craigslist, as well.� You can make money selling housewares, clothing, jewelry – anything that consumers want to buy.� In addition, because Craigslist does not charge service fees for their ads, you can make money without spending money!� This helps you get the money coming in that you need, without increasing your expenditures by a tremendous amount.Exercise CautionHowever, because Craigslist is free, numerous frauds have come to call the website home.� Be careful when you decided to use Craigslist to make money online; while you can make money rapidly, it is easy to be taken in by hucksters.� Does this mean that the website shouldn't be used to get money?� Absolutely not – you can make great money with this option.� Simply use caution and common sense and you will be able to make money, increase your income and find financial independence.
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