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Tips for Business Marketing With Less (Free) Time

Date Added: April 20, 2009 12:06:32 PM
Author: rashi
Category: Blogs: Making Money
For years I have seen small business owners struggle to grow their business. Most business owners think that they need lot of money to market and grow their business to next level. I agree that it takes money to advertise and hire a sales team but I can argue whole day about money and marketing. Going back to basic, marketing is a system to present your offer in front of your customer. You can go out and present the offer using different advertising channels or you can create a system to attract customer to your product or service. There are tons of ways that you can use to market your business without burning a hole in your pocket. Most business owners feel that they don't need marketing because they are doing ok. They forget the natural system of business. If a business is not growing each day then it's shrinking. Nothing in this world stands still. It can either grow or become extinct. What you choose to do will decide the fate of your business. Here are five ninja marketing techniques that you can use to market your business both online and offline. It only takes few minutes each day and you don't have to spend any money. This is not some old school marketing approach. These techniques are measurable and solid. 1. Blog - Blog is a web diary where you can post the daily activities of your business and marketplace. These posts should be more directed towards your customers. You can create a free blog at wordpress.com or blogger.com. Blogs can become an automated customer attraction system because search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN love blogs. 2. Simple SEO - Most people think that search engine optimization is too technical and scary but its not. If you can create an email account and login to your email then you can perform basic seo to your website easily. If you have your web hosting details then you can change the following in 10 mins without reading any technical manual. Just get access to your index.html or index.htm page Title tag - Your offer with a main keyword (no more than 60 word count) Meta description - Your offer explained in more detail with your phone# (no more than 200 word count) Meta keyword - few keywords related to your business ( no more than 60 word count) 3. Social Media - Most people use Face book and My Space for fun but you can easily use these free tools for business. You can create free face book groups and MySpace pages with your business details. Add new content each week to these pages and watch your network sky rocket. 4. Articles - One of the easiest ways to generated tons of traffic to your business website is by writing articles. You must writer 2-3 articles every week and submit to popular article directories like EzinerArticles.com. Article positions you as expert and build credibility. You can go to news. Google and search for new content related to your business. 5. Google Analytics - Marketing is not only about getting new customers but it's also about measuring current conversion. Google Analytics is free and most powerful tracking system. You can install analytics on a 5-10 page website in minutes. To quick install Google Analytics you must go to google.com/analytics and create a new account. It will ask you to enter your website address and then it will give you a code. Copy the code and paste it every where before the tag on your website. Now you can track your website and get tons of data on customer value, loyalty and conversion.
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