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Getting yourself into gear with top gifts for your guy

Date Added: May 01, 2009 11:06:29 AM
Author: John Smith
Category: Arts & Humanities: Shopping and Services
What is it about men and cars? They just turn into little kids when they see a shiny new sports car parked up somewhere and have to run their fingers surreptitiously along its body, peer inside at the leather seats and walk round it a few times, before tearing themselves away. I liken it to admiring someone else's wife, apart from the running of fingers over the body of course. Even those fellas who have never driven a car in their entire lives find themselves totally in awe of these beasts, wondering how long it takes to go from 0 to 60, and imagining themselves as the proud owner, bombing down the motorway and cruising past all those dodderers in the middle lane. The evidence for this absurd behaviour appears weekly on our TVs, and our sensible husbands, partners or boyfriends suddenly turn into dribbling idiots with aspirations for life in the fast lane at the sight of Clarkson and his cronies. Still, it gives us girls a chance to sneak off with a bar of chocolate and have a lovely soak in a bubble bath, knowing that we will not be interrupted as long as some cars keep flashing in front of their eyes every now and again. If you want to earn those extra brownie points when contemplating what to buy your fella, you need to think along the lines of Top Gear Gifts for Him. If he is into cars, trucks, lorries, tractors, buses, in fact anything on wheels that moves from one place to another, your top gear gift will make your guy extremely happy. He has probably been dreaming about sitting behind the wheel of a sports car since before he could walk. Top gear gifts are utterly focused on cars. The Racing Car Personalised Print features a gorgeous yellow racer with the top of the head of a boy racer peeping out, beneath which his name, there for all to see, is displayed on the side of his racing car. Top gear gifts are so varied that there is something for all the car obsessed chaps. I expect he has dropped several hints about wanting a Lamborghini at some point. Of course there is not much chance of that or is there? Well, you can afford to get him one of the finest top gear gifts around, a yellow Lamborghini. OK, it is in kit form, and so he will have to build it himself, but it has all the parts that he will need for a stunning top gear gift. Perhaps you might want to mention to him that it is scaled down somewhat, but still, the pet hamster will appreciate driving it, or your guy may choose to carry it around in his pocket as proof when he boasts to his friends about his birthday gift, a canary yellow Lamborghini. It will eventually end up in pride of place on a display cabinet or even next to his bed, so that it is the first thing he sees when he wakes up each day. Top Gear Gifts for Him like this help to ease your dreamer gently back into reality. He will definitely appreciate his name being displayed on the front of a Top Gear 'The Stig' Poster. Maybe he really is the mysterious Stig, who knows, but let him pretend for a while. Another of those wonderful top gear gifts that are sure to please is the Personalised Motor Sports Calendar. Each month's motor sports related colour photo features your man's name, and of all the top gear gifts that you could possibly give him, this could well turn out to be the most frequently used. He will be glancing at the photos whenever he gets a chance, just to double check that it really is his name printed on the calendar. If you really want to give him top gear gifts with a huge wow factor, he might just be a teeny bit interested in a Rally Car Driving Experience, where he and the car will get covered in mud, bomb around a circuit really fast, burn a lot of rubber and get that amazing adrenalin rush that is all part of the top gear gift. He will receive full instruction as part of his top gear gift, learning all about those noisy hand brake turns and controlled opposite lock slides, before testing them out on a track. With this top gear gift, there is an awful lot of skidding, screeching and whizzing about, so it will keep him entertained and grinning the entire time. You can even go and cheer him on, if you can take the strain. Your heart will be in your mouth, so be prepared for a nail biting experience, for both of you. Your Top Gear Gifts for Him are bound to keep him happy for a long time to come...
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