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Get wise - tips on planning an amazing 21st birthday surprise

Date Added: May 04, 2009 10:19:01 AM
Author: John Smith
Category: Arts & Humanities: Shopping and Services
For many people a 21st birthday celebrates the shift from childhood to adulthood. In the UK we generally consider the earlier age of 18 to herald that shift, partly because here, unlike the states, that's the age it becomes legal to drink alcohol. However, a 21st birthday is the first major milestone after sweet 16 and because of the cultural differences between the US and the UK it's typically a wilder, more drunken celebration over there than it is here. Even though the 21st birthday is traditionally a more modest affair on this side of the pond, it's still a prime time to party! It marks the beginning of a new stage of adulthood when the birthday boy or girl has more legal rights. They can get married, vote, live alone, and buy any legal substance they fancy. They are effectively responsible for themselves entirely, in law, financially, and in health. 21st birthday gifts One of the things you're likely to consider when you're planning a 21st birthday party for a friend or relative are their 21st birthday gifts. 21st Birthday Gifts are different to those bought for other occasions because this is a landmark celebration. So, many of us will remember what wonderful presents we received on our 21st birthday for the rest of our lives. There are loads of high quality 21st birthday gifts out there which display the exciting age of your loved one clearly. How about a champagne bottle personalised with the name of the birthday boy or girl with candles and 'Happy 21st Birthday' printed on the special label? Or what about a handmade pewter pebble in the shape of a heart with the number '21' engraved on to it? A 21st birthday heart token makes a gorgeous keepsake and it can be a good reminder of a fabulous 21st birthday party. Tasty treats As well as 21st Birthday Gifts, you'll need to think about food. If you're choosing to get caterers in then M & S do great sandwich platters and other picnic style food perfect for a buffet. Tapas in a Box is also an award winning caterer which ships sophisticated tasting food to any UK home. If you choose to throw the party at home it can be far more affordable to make your own food. Just make sure there's something for everyone! Another cost cutting option might be to meet at a restaurant for a meal before throwing a party at home, that way guests can pay for their own meal and if they bring a bottle along to the party then there won't be much to spend on snacks or drinks. Music and atmosphere Your birthday boy or girl could have a close friend who would be willing to DJ on the night. You can play CDs, MP3s through a computer or even hire a professional DJ. If you're worried about the neighbours complaining about noise put a printed note card through their door apologising in advance and providing a number to call if they have any complaints. To create a party atmosphere you might like to hire a performer this could be a local magician doing card tricks, a fortune teller, a living statue or even a fire breather depending on the season. You're also never too old for a few party games you can play a great drunken game of 'pin the tail on the donkey' and make some funky 'pass the parcel' using miniature spirits, sweets and small gift certificates rolled around lollypop sticks if you have the budget. Be smart save money on some things and splash out on others. To some extent the same rule applies to 21st birthday presents. If you throw your friend a party you don't need to get them a big gift, just a token to remember the party by. Keep them in the dark Just like the people waiting at the house for the birthday boy or girl to arrive, you need to keep your birthday person 'in the dark.' For a party to be a real surprise and knock their socks off, you'll need to let all their friends know about the party behind their back without alerting suspicion. This is probably the hardest part of throwing a 21st birthday party but it's also the most rewarding. Seeing the look on their face when you surprise them and giving them a big hug can be so satisfying and great. Try to keep a room spare to stash coats and gifts in. Then, after the candles have been blown out and you've proposed a toast, you can have the birthday boy or girl open their 21st Birthday Gifts in front of everyone and take photographs of your happy friend!
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