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Healthy eating at home?

Date Added: May 04, 2009 11:20:39 AM
Author: John Deacons1
Category: Health
Do we love fast food? Of course we do, it tastes delicious and somehow feels very satisfying, but oh dear, deadly as anything. Imagine all that carbohydrate loading, saturated fats that clog our arteries and msg that tantalize our taste buds and is toxic to our liver and organs, then some more saturated fats that tastes oh so good. Are we really kidding ourselves? Are we really going to sacrifice our bodies and appearance to a momentary bliss of taste and satisfaction that will not last past 5 minutes? Of course we do, every day, every week; every year and it make absolutely no sense at all. Let’s stop the insanity in its tracks and see what we are doing to ourselves. Imagine that dream body you always wanted, lean, muscular, and sexy or whatever fancies your fantasy. Now, that is long lasting, gratifying, looks great, feels great and gives us confidence and a high self esteem that once we have it, we will not sacrifice for a taste of a juicy burger and fries, right? Sure, most will say and continue down to the drive through at Wendy’s. What if your wish could be granted and you could have that body right away, would you still do it? Probably not! So the key is getting there, and we can get there bit by bit, step by step and it is not as hard as you imagine. Let’s take it one step at a time. What is the underlying need here? It is the need to be satisfied, not feel hungry and at the same time have enough fuel to last you to the next meal.  Let’s not sacrifice that easy step for convenience, it is convenience that got us into trouble in the first place, so it’s time to back out of the problem and redo ourselves into the person we want to be and can see in our minds eye. Let’s be strong and quit a few things, and at the same time, promise ourselves to not starve to death. Let’s replace some bad things this week for some good. How about quitting the butter and sugar first, and after success has been reached, quit the soda drinks, and then go for the refined food such as white bread and flour foods. This change alone is going to give you an amazing result in how you feel, your energy levels and you may shed a few pound too. Making healthy food at home is not as hard as you may imagine. Imagine baking your own, fresh bread which you freshly ground with your grain mill. You know that awesome smell in a baker’s shop, with fresh bread coming out the ovens? Ah yes, that is what I am talking about. Imagine that freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, the one you made from fresh oranges that you squeezed through your juicer. You just don’t get fresher or tastier than that and the best thing of all, all this fresh great taste and goodness cost you far less that going out a buying the second grade stuff. You will be happy that you or on your way to changing your lifestyle to a healthy one with healthy eating habits and where healthy food means absolute delicious aromas and taste. You will be happy and grateful for changing to a healthy lifestyle for your family where health is in your control and you enjoy every minute of your freedom prepare and enjoy healthy food.
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