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How can you Achieve Article Marketing Success without Original Articles

Date Added: September 25, 2008 03:03:55 AM
Author: ramanandkushwaha
Category: Blogs: Making Money
The most common reason for those that are not using the most effective way to market online today, i.e. article marketing, is that they CANNOT write their own articles. In my book this is just one more lame excuse for not taking positive action to attain success online. Sure, there are times when the creative juices have slowed to a halt, but even this is not a good enough reason not to submit articles on a weekly basis. I personally am not about to win the Pulitzer prize for literature anytime soon, but I can get an article in front of 1000s of eyes and on 100s of websites if I put my mind to it. I'm not ashamed to say that the finished works don't always originate in my own mind. Here are a few ways to ensure that you are not left behind when it comes to article marketing without having to come up with your own ideas. 1. Start Taking Notes - The next time you find yourself fired up when reading posts in the online forums jot down a few notes in a notepad file on the debated topic. You will soon have the nucleus of an original article which can be completed paragraph by paragraph over the coming hours or days. Save a new notepad file every time you get a new idea or helpful hint. If you are a forum addict then this shouldn't be too difficult. This article was written after reading an online forum post and jotting down my solutions to the problem. 2. Rewrite Private Label Articles - There are 1000s of Private label articles out there online on every topic imaginable. I frequently take an original article and rewrite it in my own words adding my own experiences. Take two or three articles on the same topic and create your own, writing it in your own words. Now, it is NOT a good idea to submit private label articles to article databases without making major changes, besides original articles are much more effective in achieving good search engine rankings. 3. Hire A Ghost Writer - Go to Elance and hire someone to write a batch of articles for you. I have had articles written for as little as $3 per article. You get what you pay for so the cheaper articles may take a little work before submitting to databases. You can hire someone to write a good quality article for $10 per article. Of course no matter how much you pay make sure to proof read the article. Remember, your reputation is at stake and YOUR name will be put to the article. However you decide to go about acquiring articles, the MOST important thing is that you actually take action today. Don't allow obstacles set up by your mind sabotage any chance you have of success. Those that get ahead online search for solutions, rather than reasons for not moving forward.
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