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Great Tips of Article Marketing

Date Added: September 27, 2008 07:55:34 AM
Author: zion datamatics FF
Category: Blogs: Making Money
It is no secret that using articles is one of the best ways to market your business, add credibility to a website and promote products. However, for you to be able to use articles as a marketing tool, you need to know how to market the articles in the first place, so that they maybe viewed by as many people as possible. In this article we will discuss ten powerful and effective marketing tips that you can implement in order to unleash the true power of your articles. Article Marketing Tips: Useful Information: When it comes to article marketing, keep in mind that the biggest reason why anyone will read your article is for information that will help them. So make sure you include some helpful information and minimize the amount of fluff or padding which is often used to maximize the word count. Article Marketing Tips: KISS: In this case it means keep it Short and Simple. When you write content or get it written for the internet and rezones, keep your articles precise and concise. This is important to hold the attention of your reader because unlike offline www.effective-contents.compublications, reading off screens results in much shorter attention spans for your audience. Article Marketing Tips: Name Games: When naming article be sure to mention the main message of your article or the main reason why people would read your article in the title itself. Article Marketing Tips: Use Article Directories to the Fullest: One of the best ways to market your articles is to submit them to article directories which already command a huge audience.The top five article directories in my book are: 1. Ozone articles 2. Articles dynamic 3. Articles in sync 4. Article marketer 5. Puzzle Article Marketing Tips: Automate your Articles: Simply set up your articles on an auto responder and use it to list all your articles. Article Marketing Tips: RSS Feeds: Put your articles in RSS feeds and syndicate them to all parties who are interested. RSS works. Some examples are Google Bog Search, XML Sitemaps, and Microsoft’s RSS Powered Longhorn etc. Article Marketing Tips: Place Articles on Your Website: Position all your articles on your site. Not only does this help build trust and credibility but it will also attract tons of keyword based traffic from the search engines.Use e-Books. This is a great viral technique that actually delivers. The idea is to position all your popular articles in an e-Book that can be branded and distributed, for people to read refer to as many times as they want. Use Affiliates: If you have affiliates, allow them to brand your articles using their affiliate IDs and promote the articles for you. In other words, use your affiliate’s resources to market your articles as well. Cross Link Your Articles. This means, you should cross reference your articles by placing links to your other articles in the article you are creating. If your link placement makes sense and content is helpful and not a blatant promotion of your other articles, then, there should be no reason why ozone webmasters or editors should object to your doing this. So, to conclude, follow the above mentioned article marketing tips in mind and discover the true power of article marketing.
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