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Money Making was Not So Easy Earlier….

Date Added: October 06, 2008 04:12:41 PM
Author: uvi pann
Category: Blogs: Making Money
You can earn some extra cash by displaying Adsense ads on your website. More money can be made by using Adsense ads as your source. Think about it if you add up all those clicks per page on your website, you come up with a substantial sum of profit with little effort on your part. Google Adsense is a quick and effortless method that all size Internet businesses can benefit from. By placing and displaying text-based Google ads on your Website’s content page you can earn extra cash. The Google ads are related to what the visitors are looking for. This is a great form of monetizing that both your website and Google can benefit from. Your profit will depend on the advertiser’s budget and the key phrases that are needed. If the advertiser selects aggressive, popular keywords you will receive more clicks which means more money. How can you earn revenue by placing Adsense ads on your website? 1. Become an Adsense member. This will only require a little time to open your account. 2. When Adsense accepts your website. You will begin to receive a clip code. You will need to add this clip code to as many pages or websites you desire. 3. You will immediately start earning money which can rage from a few cents to a couple of dollars per click by displaying Adwords on your site. Don’t attempt to click on your own ads to increase your revenue because this is a form of fraud and you could be penalized and maybe loose your contract with Adsense. 4. Your Adsense statistics are viewable at your convenience 24 hours a day just by logging into your account. Once you are comfortable with your Adsense program and your revenue continuous to rise then you need to continue searching for other ways to earn money. Do comparisons from your site to other websites to give you knowledge on what programs are available to help you make extra money. One factor that may affect your profit and that is how well you perform. It is very common that website businesses want to earn the most money possible. But this takes time and nothing comes without trial and error. How can you earn more from your Adsense ads? 1. It is important to choose only one subject matter per page. Put only a few targeted phrases into the page content. Search engines prefer more relevant ads which will result to be more Clicks through. 2. Leave white space to surround your ad; this will draw more attention to the ad. There are a variety of colors that can be used and these are provided by the search engines. With the ad centered in the middle of the colors will cause your ad to stand out above the rest of your page. 3. Be sure to test your ad placement, it is highly recommended to use vertical placement. This means to place the ad vertically on the right or left side of your pages. You can also try horizontal placement, but vertical is more popular and tends to draw more clicks. 4. Make sure your pages contain more content based on the key topic, by widening the theme of your website. Focus on using keywords or key phrases this will optimize the pages for search engines. This will also pull traffic to your website. 5. A tool that has been knows for its effectiveness is Site Build It. Site Build It will increase your revenue through Adsense ads. Site Build It, is a tool to help you choose aggressive key words. The right keywords will raise your rankings within the search engine results. www.adsense-dollar-factory.com www.infozabout.com
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