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Important Tips for Article Marketing!

Date Added: October 11, 2008 09:06:15 AM
Author: Ajits Singh
Category: Blogs: Making Money
Article marketing is portan one of the standards in online marketing. Undoubtedly it is a powerful tool to promote your business. You can create articles and submit them to the article directories. If you can do it well, you can build up your image as an expert in your industry. You will have unfair advantage over your competition if you can become an authority in your industry. Besides, since most article directory will allow you to put contact information or website URLs in the articles, you will be able to promote your products or websites directly in the article. It will be very useful if you promote your affiliate using articles for more details visit www.internet-copycatting.com As discussed, you can put the links to your website in the articles. This will help to boost your search engine ranking too. As you may probably know the number of back links to your site plays a significant role in determining the ranking of your website. The links in the articles are in fact back links to your site and this will help a lot if you are doing search engine optimization. You can bear the following in mind when you are writing the articles. The resource box or bio box: You will most probably include the URLs of your website in the resource box. As a matter of fact some article directory will only allow you to put links or URLs in the resource box. At the point you will understand that the bio box plays a very important role in your article marketing campaign. Normally, you will only be allowed to have three to four sentences in the bio box. It is suggested that you put your name or the author name in the bio box. And of course you will also put the URLs and links of your website in the bio box. Some people will choose no to put their names in the bio box but some directories may reject your article if you do not put your author name in it. As a result, it is still better to do that in order to reduce the possibility of being rejected. Article content: Without any surprise, the content of the article is also very important. The article should be informative and useful to the readers. Remember that the aim of submitting articles is to build up your image as an expert in your industry. You will fail to do so if your articles are just rubbish to the readers. As a result you should pay extra attention to the content. As a small piece of advice you can use product reviews as the content of your articles. Of course you may not be able to have all the articles in product reviews. You may also try to write some latest news on your field of business. People will love to read the news because they would like to know the latest trend in the business go to www.lazyman-article-guide.com Article submission: There are virtually thousands of article directories on the internet. Some people will decide to manually submit to these directories one by one. However, it is suggested that you should save your time and leave the submission work to the others. You may join some article distribution services in this case. There are also a lot of freelance people and companies who will submit the articles for you manually in a reasonable price.
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