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Your ability to type quickly will directly affect your productivity!

Date Added: October 13, 2008 06:49:47 AM
Author: navi
Category: Blogs: Blog Hosting
The first thing I want to say here is that you really have to become a student of the game. I coach students all the time that when I tell them to write an article about the topic they're going to have a website about, the question comes up, "what should I write about?” Shortly after they ask this, they put in the qualifier that they aren't good at writing; in fact they typically tell me that English wasn't one of their best subjects. I wanted to put a few ideas out there of how you can get better at writing so that you can successfully produce multiple articles per day for marketing purposes and website promotion. The first thing is typing. This is critical if you want to get good at article marketing. Granted, there are other ways to get articles including outsourcing, for more detail www.press-release-profits.com or speaking your articles and using either software to transcribe (such as Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking) or get someone to transcribe and edit your audio files for publication on the internet. But, I still believe that typing is very important. Your ability to watch the screen as you type for correct grammar as well as spelling is very important. Don't get too hung up on this point, but make it a point to improve your typing. Even if you have someone compose the article for you and you are the one responsible for submitting that article or posting comments on blogs or forums or anything else, your ability to type quickly will directly affect your productivity. Now, in addition to typing, there is the inevitable question, "what should I write about?” I used to think that either you had it, or you didn't, but I believe this is a skill that can easily be learned but multiple years to perfect. Look at guys like Dan Kennedy who gets easily six figures for composing a multi-page advertisement for just about anything because he's so good at copy-writing. When doing article marketing attempting to sell someone on a product or service through the article, you need two main components. One is providing enough value that you keep the individual reading and getting great information, for more detail www.writing-fast-cash.com the second is a strong call to action. You should consider the main body of the article as your value that you are giving away, promoting yourself as an expert and then the resource box or author profile as the strong call to action. If you do the math on this, though, you would have about 150 articles every 5 days. Now, just to give you an indication from my own experience what kind of traffic this would produce... I have about 4 articles in one of my accounts that over a period of a month has had about 100 view, so on average about 25 views per article and about 2 visits back to my site per article per month. Now, I'll be the first to admit my numbers here may be off. In fact, the e-book that I read talks about the numbers being closer to $150 per day which you should be able to get to after only one month of doing this. If you submit to article websites using this method, without a goal of trying to get a top ranking for a website with framed content or a pup redirect, you should never submit duplicate content. It will be very unlikely that you will get sea rankings for these articles using duplicate content.
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