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Keys to Long Term Wealth In Internet Marketing

Date Added: October 13, 2008 12:10:18 PM
Author: NISHU
Category: Blogs: Making Money
Do you know what separates the average internet marketer to the rich internet marketer? The rich internet marketer has a line of related products to market to their subscribers. The average internet marketer believes that they will hit the jackpot with one product. It’s great if you have that one ‘miracle’ product that can give you instant money, but that’s the problem, it’s only instant and one time. for more information visit to Imagine for moment that you have a list of 1,000 subscribers and all of them buy your awesome product at $50 a piece. Congratulations! You’ve just made $50,000! Okay now what? Where’s the additional source of income going to come from? Sure you can promote the same product over and over, month after month. But unless you have new customers, your bank account will eventually dry up! Imagine what would happen if you plan ahead and you line up 5 products (related to your market of course) to your list of 1,000. Your profits will soar! Let’s say you are selling an e-book on how to lose fat and get fit for $50. What other products can you sell to this targeted subscribers you have? You may want to recommend an online coaching program for $1500, motivational music download for $30, a fitness instructional video for $30, the possibilities are endless, just be creative! So instead of making the one time profit of $50, you can sell your already-interested (and more likely to buy) customers over and over again with related items. If just 10% of your list takes you up on all of the additional bonuses, you’ll triple your income and make $156,000! Another way in which you can have a continuous flow of income from your internet marketing business is to have a continuity program. A continuity program is like a magazine subscription, you pay yearly in order to have the magazines be continually sent to you. for more details visit to You can create a membership site that requires a monthly access fee to your ‘platinum’ member’s site. Or you can have a software program that requires your customers to pay a monthly fee to continue using it. If you have a physical product you can set them up for automatic renewal to be sent at specific time intervals when they need to replenish their supply. For example, of your customer’s supply of hair regeneration juice runs out in a month, you can automatically ship the product and at the same time automatically charge their card until they request to cancel. These are just some ideas I’ve slapped together and I hope these ideas have helped you understand the importance of having multiple products in your arsenal so that you have a constant flow of income. So stop having your one ‘miracle’ product and start finding multiple products to sell to you niche market and make some real money! http://www.perpetual-traffic-generator.com http://www.popups-generator.com
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